wwhat is service design 

Service design is an interdisciplinary way of thinking (Stickdorn , Schneider, 2012). Service design improves the efficiency of service providers, and takes the user experience as the center (Stickdorn , Schneider, 2012), both the audience and the business are satisfied (Sarah Gibbons, 2017), designed to emphasize customer engagement in order to create the best user experience and engage potential users and stakeholders ((Michel, Brown, and Gallan 2008; Ordanini and Parasuraman,2010)

Service design is important. Most of the British economy belongs to service projects, and industries include finance, education, hotel transportation and so on. In 2018, the services sector accounted for 81% (gross added value) of the UK’s total economic output. In September 2019, services accounted for 84% of labor force employment. Compared with last year, service output in November 2019 increased by 0.8%. This is the smallest growth in the service industry in eight years since October 2011.(Gloria Tyler, 2020). When the ratio is very large, when the manufacturer feels that the design is competitive, when the service is elevated to a new level, it will stand out from similar products and make itself competitive. With the increasing importance of service design, designers and service providers cooperate to make services better.

How service design can help people?

Service design makes service agencies and companies more competitive. The designer will provide a service process to help the management of the enterprise adjust further service development based on the service experience originally identified, expanding the nature of customer participation, not just acquiring customers. To improve their creativity and ability. (Eun Yu and Daniela Sangiorgi, 2018) Conducive to the healthy competition and development of the industry.

Meet customers’ increasing expectations for service selectivity and quality, make customers more engaged in product design, and connect products more closely. By building models, understand the causes of success and failure of internal products, and improve usability. (J. Tuomas Harviainen, 2018)At the same time, the rapid development of the Internet today, such as AI and other technologies, the era of universal participation and interaction will soon come. People need to be able to simplify the process and more suitable designs appear.


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