In terms of design and emotion, establish an emotional connection with users by creating design emotions, so that users have a better experience. Desmet and Hekkert (2009) said that some designers consider emotion to be a tool designed to convey information and design emotion, while others consider it to be an experience and reaction to the use of a single object. Both positive and negative emotions influence users’ evaluation of the product and their decisions in the next purchase process (Amic, 2017).

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In Udemy, an online learning platform, the following three forms are used to obtain emotional interaction with consumers, thereby affecting the consumer’s consumption behaviours

  • Show how students from different backgrounds get their new life through this platform
  • Teach new instructors how to get their first rating & reviews
  • The founder built this app based on their own experience

When I was using Udemy to learn, I found two issues.

  • Before taking an online course, I couldn’t easily distinguish the quality of the course, but only through some previous user reviews and short previews.
  • Can not ask questions to the teacher in time during the lesson, only leave a message after the lesson.

These issues may reduce the user experience.


Find out how to distinguish the quality of the course and design an interaction method to increase the interaction between teachers and learners.


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