What is a user usability test

Usability testing is a popular UX research methodology (Kate Moran, 2019) , “Usability Testing accounts for most of the user experience, all The user experience is related to usability testing “( Yu Xiaoxiang, 2019) Through surveys and other tests with real customers, the primary test is the degree of usability and usability.

Why user usability testing is essential

Through a user-centric experience, companies use Usability testing to prevent products from derailing the market. Reduce the difference of ideas between designers and customers, increase product-customer contact, and improve product usability.

How to perform usability testing (What kind of user usability tests does Udemy use)

Use usability testing for a specific analysis of Udemy. The process : 1 test the product internally in the group, and design the questions that the group wants to ask about the use of udemy, for example, how is the use of udemy, if it is easy to find the course you wish to, why do you choose a questionnaire like udemy 2 Prepare the location and time of the interview and the tools to record 3 Test before testing, first test within the group members 4 Recruit users, find people who have used udemy around them, or find people who have used udemy on the forum 5 Officially for users Test and record the correct answer results 6 Summarize the test results and get reflection on whether there is an opportunity to improve

Contextual inquiry:


What are context queries and benefits:

A user-centred research method to understand users through interviews. The focus is on interviewing users in their habitual environment. Initially ask users some basic questions, and then let users enter their familiar environment in a more relaxed way. In the state of Q & A, you can get relevant opinions about product surveys, understand the real thoughts of users, and get closer to the needs of users. Sometimes, you can also find more intimate points that users tend to ignore.

How to test with contextual inquiry

First, ask udemy where consumers are attracted through interviews, and a series of basic questions. Then place the user in his natural environment, then observe and chat, record the results, and reflect on what can be improved. Happening.

Finally, Usability testing and Contextual inquiry are user-centred research methods, which are intended to understand the current status of the product and give users a better experience.