Brand credibility refers to the degree to which customers receiving services have a good opinion and impression of the brand. It is an intermediate level in brand management-brand credibility solves the lack of brand awareness, and it is based on brand awareness. Brand credibility is mainly achieved by interpersonal communication, but there is little interpersonal communication and the speed is slow, and it must be combined with media communication.

The role of brand credibility

In today’s market competition, good or successful brands are always linked to a good reputation. It’s hard to imagine that consumers will support a brand with a bad reputation. Similarly, for brands that have built credibility in the minds of consumers, consumers never doubt it. No one thinks that Coca-Cola contains harmful hormones when buying Coca-Cola, and no one doubts whether they can take good quality or fully exposed photos when buying Kodak film. People are always assured of brand-name products. This is the advantage and role of brand credibility.

How to build trust between customers and companies?

Zhima Credit is an independent third-party credit evaluation agency, Zhima Credit Management Co., Ltd., under the authorization of the user, based on various types of consumer consumption and behaviour data on the Internet, combined with Internet financial lending information, using cloud computing and machine learning Technology, through logistic regression, decision tree, random forest and other model algorithms, comprehensively process and evaluate data in all dimensions, objectively present personal credit status in five dimensions: user credit history, behaviour preferences, performance capabilities, identity characteristics, and relationships Comprehensive score.

Zhima Credit’s score ranges from 350 to 950. The higher the score, the better the credit. The corresponding default rate is relatively low. A higher sesame score can help users get more efficient and better services.

Lynda uses different levels for instructors to distinguish. Learners can clearly know the instructor’s level before using it to judge the quality of the course.



The problem with Udemy is the trust between learner users, platform and teacher users. So, we can adopt a credit system to build trust between learners and teachers and brands. For example, there are mutual evaluations between students and teachers, and the results of evaluations will affect their respective credibility. Students improve their credibility through the evaluation of reputable peers and teachers. Teachers need to pass the company’s probation period to obtain basic credit and qualify for teaching.