Ihave chosen the university experience in the Polytechnic School of Design as an evolution of training started at Brera artistic High School in Milano. I chose this career for responding to my natural artistic inclination curiosity and creativity.

This two courses at the Polytechnic (BSc in Product Design and MSc Integrated Product Design) has deeply enriched me strengthening personal motivations, and increasing critical capacities and guiding future choices, through the knowledge of topics dealt with. During these five years, I developed awareness of being able to cope successful trials and themes away from my comfort zone by resorting to perseverance and tenacity in pursuing the goal. I learned to handle my inner emotionality better, converting it into great propulsive force. The skills acquired in the use of modelling software and graphics digital allowed me to concretely translate the concept the abstract design envisaged and built-in mind in document readable and objective to allow to make a real, tangible and working product.

My great curiosity for the “functioning of things” and continuous search of beauty and harmony in objects will guide me to the discovery of this new paths that can enrich my technical and managerial knowledge.

Email: noemi.gavioli@gmail..com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/noemi-gavioli-8aa52915a/

Noemi Gavioli