User research primary data

Medium: questionnaire

The online questionnaire was conducted for gathering primary data from student users. We received 45 responds, respondents were University students with wide nationalities. Please download questions from attachment bellow.

Please see the questionaire in the link below:

Download Questionaire

The results of open questions are as bellow:

What is the negative point of using E-learning or virtual learning platforms?

  • Not having eye contact and direct communication with other participants
  • Not seeing friends and the professor. And any things.
  • In terms of questions in the topic, you should reach an answer without any help and some times we dont know, whether it is correct or not….It can be
  • difficult in E-learning but at the same time helpful for learning more skills….
  • Lack of contact with the teacher
  • In some cases the time is not enough and there is no proper answers for questions.
  • It is difficult to pay attention
  • Is impossible to ask questions or further details about the lesson
  • delay and can not answer questions on time
  • Scattered systems
  • There is no direct feedback
  • I think E-learning is useful for self-disciplined person, because our activities cannot be monitored as like as in a traditional class
  • Nothing to point out
  • Sometimes there are areas that may need clarification. Limited opportunity for engagement or follow up.
  • Difficulties in performing certain tasks cannot be aided by someone
  • Personal experience
  • It looks to make irregularities for me