During the analysis phase of Udemy’s competitors, the five competitive forces were analyzed through the tool provided to us. This tool, challenging us in its total completion, helped us to have a more precise idea of what factors can be at stake in the competitiveness between e-learning companies, and how above all the user involvement is fundamental both to capture new customers and to retain them to the usual use of the platform. In addition to having a competitive value, the customer’s trust factor is also reflected in the value of the site itself, since, through word of mouth and other forms of advertising, it makes it possible to build an authoritative and recognized brand in the sector, thus allowing new customers to approach the service.

Udemy 5 forces

Strategy Canvas for Udemy case study

A strategy canvas is basically a line graph that plots functions/factors against importance for a company or an organisation and then overlays competitors or industry benchmarks. In this way, information can be built to help formulate a competitive strategy.

SWOT analysis