We have come to an end!

To put an end to our adventure and summarize our work, we thought to put our work in a poster, which you will find in A1 pdf format in the attachments. The poster can be read hourly and represents our path through the various research, analysis, project and design tools. Finally, it outlines some impressions, thoughts and project opportunities, at the bottom right.  Our work has developed, starting from the end of the analysis phase (precisely after the completion of the tool presented by Dr Mazzarella), on the theme of trust in e-learning, how, and at what stage of the service increase this factor. Then, all the remaining tools have been created with a special focus on trust, on the importance that it has in all phases of the customer journey, especially at the end of that, where it lays the foundations for user loyalty.

We tried to enclose in the poster the most representative tools of the module in order to have a general outline of the work, inserting as description direct quotes from the blog. So for more information about what said here we refer to previous blog posts, that are more complete and exhaustive.

All of us in our group hope to have come to an excellent conclusion; we are satisfied with our result and aware that we have increased, learned and in some cases perfected our knowledge of service design. We salute you and thank you for your patience in reading our blog.

We hope you like it and are interested in it!

See you soon, Epistemists.

Download the Summary Poster