Second Meeting Minutes

Action Plan 

1, Design group banner

2, Choose a final case and analysis it

General discussions and agreement

At the second group meeting, we discussed selected cases and decided on the final case. All team members agree on the team logo and the avatar of the team members. Besides, to create better blogs, we have added articles that also support our point. For further research, different tasks are assigned to each team member.

Task Assignment

1, Design the team banner, Method for developing services- Noemi

2, Meeting minutes, What is e-learning? -Tam

3, Brief review of case study, How people benefit from e-learning? – Larry

4, What is service design and how it can help people? – Emily

5, First literature review, how e-learning revolutionized educational services? And Udemy- history, services and organizational structure (using one of the analytic tools )  – Kiomars